William Hill Poker on Macintosh


There has been plenty of talk about which kind of computer is better – a PC or a Mac. Most of the time, the big problem with the Macintosh is that the PC simply has a wider range of programs and applications available to it. It simply has more third party support and this has vexed many Mac users, as there are significant benefits to sticking with a Mac.

Fortunately, one thing that used to be exclusive to Macs is exclusive no longer. Will Hill Poker, once limited to Windows powered machines, is now available for the Macintosh user due to their newest development – flash powered online gaming.

The fact that the program could only be run on a PC has vexed many Mac gamblers for years now. Sure, bootstrapping or dual-booting into Windows could provide a nice workaround, but most gamblers aren’t computer experts and thus may feel a little uncomfortable about doing something like with their fancy Macintosh. Most of them have simply given up on Mac poker with Will Hill Poker.

Luckily, they won’t need to resort to such drastic measures just to get their poker fix. Will Hill Poker now offers online poker that requires no software download. There are plenty of benefits for this, but for Mac players the biggest benefit is that now, they can play on their Mac without having to go through hoops just to get online. Currently it only has the basics, such as Texas Hold’em tournaments and multi- and single-table tournaments, which for many is far more than enough. Luckily, William Hill is constantly upgrading their software to allow for more game types, such as Head Hunter Tournaments as well as Scalp Collector Tournaments. Even at its most basic level, poker that doesn’t require a download has allowed Mac players to get into the online poker scene.

These benefits aren’t limited to Mac players. PC players and Mac players alike now have the ability to play from any computer that has access to the internet, as they don’t need to install anything to get to their favorite poker tables. It doesn’t matter where they are – if they have internet, they can play and answer to their gambling needs. What are you Mac poker players waiting for? Get online and start playing at William Hill Poker!

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